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We fight aggressively to protect your interests. Children can have a life full of quality time with both parents.  It is usually advisable to develop a plan for both parents to share in the parenting responsibilities and enjoyment of the companionship with the children.

Your family is going through major changes but you can trust us to help secure a favorable ruling for the custody of your children. The court takes many factors into consideration when deciding on child custody, we will use our years of experience top represent your interests and situation and secure an agreement that is fair to you and your children.


Let us help you secure a fair ruling

If your child is over 14 they are considered able to determine with which parent they would like to stay, but in determining the custody for younger children the court will look at your relationship, your home and job situation, and your history. Bring on a team with years of experience to present your case to the court in a way that is honest and fair to you.

We understand the issues beyond custody, working for you day in and day out.

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